Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Group Dynamics Chart

A chart depicting the progression from the personal life into the impersonal (professional) life and beyond. It shows what I call the "Who Band" vs. the "What Band".

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Road to Freedom

The Road to Freedom must be traveled on a self-determined basis. It is not an easy Road, but it is wholesome and practical. Following another or others cannot be substituted for self-determined understanding and action. The Road leads up out of the Who band of the personal life into the What band of group activity. The What band includes what goal, what purpose, what policy, what technology, what awareness, what product, what sub-products, what exchange of products, what exchange of sub-products, what condition of communication with the environment, or exchange with the environment of the group, what flow, what line or route, what statistic, what function, what position, what "hat", what sequence of actions, etc.
The road out of the Who band is a road that leads toward higher levels of data coherency, with fewer and fewer arbitrary data, actions or activities. Part of this coherency is alignment with existing bodies of empirically successful coherent data (object oriented programming, design of life forms, etc.).

Each man travels the road when he determines his own goals, finds a path or purpose line to arrive there, then creates a system of policies, or finds an existing group that follows this purpose line. He then applies himself within the framework of policy of the group with the knowledge and awareness that a well-organized group is the most optimum use of resources to make progress along his chosen purpose line. Applying the mind towards optimization of resources is a good exercise to strengthen analytical abilities.

Social groups are aggregations of personalities. They are not causative enough to achieve any but short-range goals and purposes. They lie within the Who band.
Any fixation on Who-ness or establishment of Who arbitrariness is a tie that prevents continued progress away from the Dark Ages of feudalism. A "civilization" with too many ties back to the Dark Ages in the form of Who fixations puts itself in jeopardy of being pulled back and permanently subordinated to Who arbitraries.

For a civilization to remain healthy it must make constant progress away from the edge of the steep slope which falls away into the eternal Dark Ages. The more progress made away from this edge, the more secure is the Road to Freedom now and in the future for those who would recover their competency in improving conditions and increase their self-respect and value to others. Any system that upholds Who-ness as senior to self-determined thought and action in the What band of group activity is a tie back to the Dark Ages which must be broken for civilization to progress towards greater stability and security.

Anyone who has agreed to being subordinated to a Who or system of Who-ness is on the Road to Slavery or is already a slave. For a person to stay free he must "earn" good experience through progress towards self-determined goals. The better the goal, and the more progress made, the higher the "pay" or return in terms of good experience. In today's world mainstream media is constantly pushing the "Who" of politics, Hollywood, music and sport. Personal and social networking is all who-based. It is up to the individual to keep a focus on the what-ness of his self-determined goals and purposes as senior to all this who-ness mess.

Good experience stabilizes the individual. He develops a better ability to face up to that area of life, and has more confidence and certainty based in demonstrated competence. Part of the "pay" also is greater ease in meshing with others to operate as a team rather than an aggregation of personalities.

Please progress along the road to higher competency and help distance yourself and others from the rim of the canyon of eternal Dark Ages.