Saturday, July 30, 2011

Simple Solutions or at least Improvements


· Stay healthy.

a. Don’t overeat.

b. Exercise.

· Don’t engage in activities that thwart the pro-life purpose.


If we have to make progress in a given direction, regardless of whether there is a God or not, then it does not matter if there is such a spiritual entity , at least not as far as we are concerned anyway. If there is a God, then we might expect more help in the future, but only if we make sufficient progress in the right direction now, and we still have to make such progress now even if there is no God.

Drug Cartels:

· Stop using cocaine.

Illegal aliens from Mexico:

· Stop using cocaine.


· Stop using cocaine.


· Go back to gold or silver standard.

o If Politicians won’t go back to gold or silver standard:

§ Buy gold and silver yourself. If enough people do this we will be back on that standard “virtually”.

· Get knowledge of group dynamics known and into use. (See this blog).

· Get rid of tax code. Have a flat tax rate for everyone. (15, 20 percent ?)

· Reduce our military role to defending our shorelines and borders, and cut military spending proportionally. We can't afford to be the world's police force and pay for it by inflating the money supply. It is a huge percent of our budget that does not need to be there.

· Follow suit with every other major western country and eliminate frivolous lawsuits by adopting a legal system in which the loser pays all court costs.

Gays in the military are a national security risk. They are more easily suborned and increase the likelihood of a coup.


· Use study methodology as described in this blog. Parents will have to get it going at home. It will never get started in a public education system.

· Watch film “Network”, open your window, yell “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”, then throw out your television.

Closing Thoughts:

-If everyone thought the same there would be no need for rights. There would also be much less possibility of correction if things start to go wrong.

-Those who would enslave prefer us not to think for ourselves.