Sunday, October 16, 2011


For those who have made progress into the impersonal zone of group dynamics it is usually easier to commit to a purpose or goal than to commit to an individual or personality. Commitment to a purpose or goal is a reach in the positive or pro-life direction (as long as it is a positive purpose) from the current position regarding the relevant life area.

Committing to a personality is a pull back down-scale to the lower band of group dynamics – the personal or social band. It can feel demoralizing or interiorizing. A better option in many cases—even for only two people—is to set up a framework of policy around a purpose that leads to the desired goal, then have both parties make a self-determined commitment to carry out this purpose rather than commit to each other. People change. They have their ups and downs, their good days and their bad hair days, but the purpose and goal committed to will remain constant. The only variable with regard to these is the degree of commitment. This is usually easier to control and maintain.

P.S. Women may want to take into account that men more commonly have advanced farther into the impersonal band of group causation and so may feel or sense more intensely the demoralization or interiorization described above.