Saturday, May 19, 2012

How Large is Too Large for the World Population? -- A New Criterium

An earlier blog article has dealt with the qualifications of a human being. To review, man’s hallmark ability is his ability to work together in groups. When a group is operating in mob mentality mode it has zero chance of making progress in the pro-life direction, and so allows zero chance of achieving the hallmark of man. Therefore, for a being to be qualified as a member of the human race he or she must be able to monitor themselves so as to stay out of agreement with group think or mob mentality. Some of this comes from an innate desire to think for self, some of it may come from an education in what the mind is and what mob mentality is.

When there are so many bodies available that many of them must be “manned” with sub-human beings that are not able to think for themselves well enough to stay out of a mob mentality or group think, then the population is becoming or has become too large. There are two remedies that can be applied, and a general type of activity to stay away from—never use a solution that can be perverted into an abuse.

The first remedy is obvious—reduce the population, or at least reduce the rate of growth of the population, but do so in a way that does not violate basic human rights. This may not be an easy thing to do, so it is best done in combination with the second remedy— educate so as to improve the ability of the individual to think for himself.  Educate in practical philosophical principles. Encourage the individual to develop their own sets of coherent data in whatever subject they are interested or active in, as well as to study existing bodies of coherent data that are of practical use.

In order for man to succeed in civilizing himself there must be a high ratio of analytical thought to non-analytical thought.

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