Saturday, May 19, 2012

Strength of A Country

The strength of a country is determined by the ability of its people to think for themselves, come up with a valid solution and put it into effect. Following in the footsteps of a “leader” is a poor substitute for this which often does not meet the standard of viability.

Education in valid subjects, and especially of practical philosophy, self-study in subjects of interest, organization and participation by the individual will help to strengthen a country.

Overwhelming the individual with too much data without first educating him in fundamental data on which to align new data will drive the individual down scale to the point where he is willing to give up on the idea of thinking for himself. In this state he becomes easily led and is of no use in correction if the scene starts going in the wrong direction.

Taking up large amounts of the free time of the individual with activities that do not strengthen the self-determined ability to align data, such as watching mindless entertainment television or movies or playing video games, leaves little time for activities that strengthen the analytical mind. Actually, spending large amounts of time sitting in front of a screen and watching pictures that someone else created can weaken the spirit of those, like children, who do not have a well-developed ability to think for self. This is because the mind is composed of pictures, and sequences of pictures, which are meant only to be a record of experience, and not as something for the spirit to become effect of through too much passive spectating and not enough active, self-determined creation in the present time.

An individual or agency or authority that enforces false data or just a set of incoherent data on the individual will diminish his ability to grow a coherent data set of his own in that area of life that the data set pertains to. This will then diminish his ability to accept new valid data or reject further false data in that area.

Once the individual comes up with a good idea his next step is to put it into effect. He must be free to organize around a purpose to achieve his goal, and he must have sufficient ability in creating and participating in a group. If he is really good with it, he may even inspire a paradigm that others may use to also reach out in the direction of the goal.

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